Design and Construct Company Perth

If you’re looking for the best design and construct company in Perth for a commercial project, you can stop right now – you’ve found it. With several years of experience and some of the best expertise in the industry, Multicon can be relied on to produce innovative and adept designs; which when constructed, are efficient and facilitate operational productivity.

There are specific advantages for you with Multicon as your chosen design and construct company in Perth. By working together and clarifying your bottom line budget, we can discuss the design and be very accurate with costs.

If there are items which may go outside your base budget, we can incorporate changes right at the start so it is very clear what you will get and what it will cost. Because we have a wide pool of stable and experienced trades, we can draw on their experience and include them in the conversation. We formulate our design and construct pricing and tailor things to suit your bottom line budget with appropriate trades and can bring suggestions to the table in a very transparent manner.

Variations incorporated at the budget stage cost nothing to discuss and control. You will have a clear picture of design against budget once they are included.

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a design and construct company in Perth is the transparency. Working with Multicon means being able to converse with both the architect and the builder, and having three views, opinions and suggestions. Should you already have your own architect, we will work together to ensure the architect’s vision and your budget are in line with construction expectations.

Another distinct advantage of choosing Multicon as your design and construct company for a Perth project, is that all the Multicon architects and builders know each other, are familiar with how each sides works and understand the workflow requirements. This way, there are no hold ups because each trade understands what is required and they support each other in getting the job done on time.

Regardless of your design and construct project size and budget, we will never compromise on building standards and finish. At Multicon design and construct, our company uses Perth’s best and most reputable fittings and fixture suppliers, and our quality of work is what our reputation has been built on.

The term architect is from the Greek word Archi, which means chief. Tektos means to build. Therefore, architect means chief builder, which is the role we undertake here at Multicon. We project manage all parties to achieve the best results at the highest standards and budgeted price.